The Maverik Base goalie head is now available. Designed with the help of pro players, Kip Turner and Drew Adams, the Base offers the largest surface area allowed. Designed to be lightweight and responsive to easily convert ground balls to fast breaks. Weighs 12.6 oz. Color options include White, Black, Orange, Royal Blue and Neon Green.

Wide towards the bottom, both Drew and Kip wanted that to cover any errant bounce shots when they have their stick down. The sidewalls feature spherical designs with a stiff beam running through them. The head is light while maintaining a high degree of stiffness.

This head is ideal for securing the save while disallowing rebounds. View images of the Base strung in Monster mesh HERE.

  • Wshslax

    Congrats on the STX Eclipse ripoff.  When did you become Warrior?

  • bart

    that doesn’t look like an eclipse

  • I’ve played with the head and it is def not an Eclipse. Totally different feel to it as well as the way the pocket forms towards the throat.

  • Wildbro

    Is it worth buying or should I stick to my eclipse?

  • canadianbac0n

    NOT like the eclipse…feels completely different and has a different pocket