This brand new Maverik innovation contours to your body like no other pad on the market. Ergonomically designed to create real feel. DuraStretch technology offers protection and creates more channels for air flow. Interior raised padding lining minimizes touch points on the skin. Adjustable collar bone protection for customized fit. Straps don’t dangle so you can put your gear on yourself – because a real Maverik doesn’t need help dressing.

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  • Samouel Bernstein

    Maverik is a name that has become synonymous with the game of Lacrosse. Their protective gear is well designed and, for the most part, well built. Their shafts and heads carry a 6 month warranty and only 30 days for protective gear.

    You’d think that with what they charge for their knee, elbow, rib and shoulder pads that their gear would last longer that 6 months before the seams begin to unravel and come unstitched. This is not normal wear and tear, it is a manufacturing defect (stitching too close to the edge of the fabric and leather that it pulls through). I have 30 year old shoes that have never come unstitched !

    Their warranty on protective gear is a MERE 30 DAYS! 30 days? They obviously do not believe that their gear is well built, since they provide such a terrible warranty.

    After 6 months the seams on my pads began to come unstitched. Because there is a nylon lining inside the pads, there is no way to repair the outer leather seams without compromising the liner and restricting it’s independent movement.

    Love their gear, just wish they believed in it as much as the people who actually wear it for protection !