Members of the Wellesley High School lacrosse team in Massachusetts put this video together complete with a solid rendition of Maverik’s new slow-motion commercial for Paul Rabil. They’ve added a twist to it by including a goalie between the pipes and hot background music.

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  • bro montana


  • dip n dunk

    bro montana, you have no idea what youre talking about. this is extremely well shot and edited. sick vid man

  • maveriklaxer

    pretty sweet. nice editing

  • lmao

    wow this is wack*

  • Ima Stone Her Bro

    this is a solid video. very well done. but as you can see you’ll catch some heat…especially the tender in the video. but i liked it.

  • lax4life

    tight vid. i like it, dope cleats too.

  • Danny Freeman

    I love big dick. This vid gets me so horny. Jenno and darc are bonerific.