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This is called the Triangle Top String method. It looks a little more exotic than your normal top string, and can help to reduce the lip under the plastic slightly. You’ll need two pieces of string that are a foot and a half long. This should give you plenty of room to work with.

To start, fold your mesh so that there are nine diamonds across the top. Go in through the side and loop around the first diamond in the top row, then go back through your sidewall. This helps anchor the mesh to the sides. Then go across the head and loop through the second, fourth, sixth and eighth diamonds, singling up through each one of the leather holes in the scoop. Make sure you keep these pretty tight, and repeat the loop you started with to secure the mesh to the other side of your head.

Start your next string in the side as well. From the front of the head, you want to bring your string from the sidewall and push it through the leather hole to the back of the head. Pull it under the first top string you did on the left side of the knot. Then, loop back up under the string on the right side of the loop around the leather hole. After you do this, go back through the scoop hole to the front of the head.

Look at the mesh where you folded it in half at the top. There will be a diamond in between the leather holes. If you pull your string between the fold, it will hang on the piece of mesh that connects the front fold to the back fold. When your string comes back up through to the front, do this, and pull it pretty snug up to the scoop. This is what relieves the slack under the plastic that creates lip. After you do this, go back down through the scoop to the back of the head and repeat the loop around the first top string.

Repeat these steps until you’ve made it across the head. Follow the pictures, and make sure to keep your mesh tight to the plastic. For extra flair, use two different colored strings. Enjoy another tool in your stringing arsenal.












  • bodega

    This may take me a week to do, but I’m gonna love every minute of it! Thanks LPG and Max.

  • love gun

    am i gonna play like ben rubeor now?

  • Prince

    Man that torque is pinched