Members of Colorado College Lacrosse Team Embrace the Outdoors

Members of the Colorado College D3 Men’s Lacrosse team sent us an email highlighting what they like to do in their down time. The school, which is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, offers an array of differing landscapes for the team to enjoy. Fly fishing with a goalie stick doesn’t hurt either.

Fishpocolypse from M.Idell on Vimeo.

When we are not playing lacrosse, we are usually enjoying the outdoors and fishing in our favorite local rivers. For our generation we often hear stories of what bounty fisheries used to hold in decades past and nowadays it can feel like fishing in an apocalpyse- or more appropriately, a Fishpocalypse. We wanted to share the enjoyment we still get out of spending days on the river, with friends and beautiful fish.

The guys also know how to live it up on the field, too.

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