Men’s Lacrosse Helmet Shields

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With an estimated 600,000 eye injuries occurring each year related to sports this lacrosse eye shield may help prevent more from happening. The high impact eye shield is made of lexon and will fit the majority of Cascade and Gait brand lacrosse helmets. Provides extra-wide vision with zero distortion while eliminating harmful ultra-violet rays at the same time. The shield also features a anti-scratch coat protecting eyes from dirt, mud and airborne particles. Color options include Amber, Clear and Smoke.

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  • JJSwagg

    whats the HS rule for visors, can we wear any color or just clear ?

    • Nicholas Frontczak

      clear only

    • willy

      you can use any color but you have to have a note from a doctor saying you need it for any dumb reason.  they only let you wear clear because incase you get a concussion or  bad injury they need to beable to see your eyes clearly

  • Tjwylie95

    i just put a football visor on mine. it looks pretty sweet and fits nicely. email me at for directions on how to do it