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Our friends at Lacrosse All Stars came across a new video of Middlebury students rapping about the lacrosse team and Quidditch as well as typical college life shenanigans.

Known as the “Allen Jokers” these students at Middlebury actually drop some serious heat. Listen to the song below.

4th Verse
I’m a lax bro yo North Face Denali,
rockin Rainbow Sands, wearin Abercrombie
I got 38 visors, a Brine Lacrosse net,
matchin popped collars in my walk in closet

For more information on the Allen Jokers visit Midd-Blog and the Allen Jokers Fan Page.

Good song? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

  1. Great song. I know like all the words, its actually caused a bit of a ruckus up at Middlebury. The lacrosse players are getting a little sensitive, even though everything they say about lax brahs is completely true.

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