BAD SPORTS: The Dankest Sports Web Series Talk Show

BAD SPORTS, the self-proclaimed “Dankest Sports Web Series Talk Show of All Time,” is exactly what I’ve needed to curb my 2013 season hangover. The web series, starring everyone’s favorite American Psycho Miles Fisher, will be nostalgic for older Millennials, but new and equally hysterical for younger laxrats.

This show resembles an era that I grew up in. This is how my friends spoke, dressed, chilled, partied, ad infinitum. The fact that this show is crafted around the DC Area lacrosse scene makes me ecstatic. Fisher played high school lacrosse at the most prestigious blue blood prep school in the country. His background coupled with an affinity for germane punchlines are slap-my-leg funny.

Below is the trailer for the series.

Live from Chad Whipple’s mom’s basement, Woven Digital and LOUD bring you the dankest sports web series talk show of all time! World premiere next Wednesday 7/17.

Fisher plays Chad Whipple, a laxrat who hosts a sports show from his mom’s basement. His segments include, but are not limited to friends stopping by for a chat and a Natty Light. The web series is set to hit computers on YouTube next Wednesday. The show is scheduled for eight episodes in all and a lot of pissing your pants laughter. Learn more by visiting