Montana State's Lacrosse Equipment and Uniforms

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Reader Email:
The Montana State University club team revamped our whole uniform this year after our school switched from a Nike school to a UA school. We decided to get all new everything, and get a fresh start with the team.

We went with matte grey helmets this year, so the grey jerseys were kind of a no brainer, especially since grey has been “in” lately. As for the gold uniforms, our school colors are gold and navy blue, so we wanted to incorporate that into the design. Seeing as that the uniforms themselves are pretty simple, we added some design to the inside of the numbers, and on the piping around the collar, sleeves, and bottom.

Our pinnies are navy blue on one side, and gold on the other side, both with the geometric patterning camo design that you can see.

As for the helmets, they are matte grey Cascade R’s, with a navy blue chin, and a gold face mask (which looks amazing in my opinion). Our gloves this year are the STX Stallion HD’s in navy blue and white.

Long pole defenseman Andrew Johnson designed the uniform.