Check out our photo gallery of all the new gear from Brine. You must be a member of to view these photos.

You can find all the photos here:

Below is a sample of what you’ll see… Brine’s Mahogany Shaft (aka the “Wizzle” … get it? Wood and Swizzle?) (Click to enlarge):

  1. MagicCityCoach says:

    Aw, c’mon, don’t tease grandpa here with another fake wooden shaft. 😉 Seriously, I know there are still a few places where I can still get wooden shafts … But grandpa here has one on his Brine Superlight II (and a Brine one even), which he broke out of the closet to restring with a modern pocket in response to the 2010 NCAA “Nightmare Scenario” (thread in in the referee forum).

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