Motive Pure Introduces New Flavor of Electrolyte Hydration

Just in time for pre-season, Orange is the newest flavor from the Electrolyte Hydration company Motive Pure. It has the same awesome formula based on Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs and Zero Calories. The flavor is perfectly tuned and just as light and refreshing as the lemon lime. Orange was added to the Motive Pure product family in both the flagship 1 ounce Mini which mixes with 20 ounces of water (it’s perfect for traveling with and mixing on the go) and in their bigger, mix as you wish, 32 ounce Source bottle (it makes 5 total gallons for a team or mix it with 20 ounces of water 32 times over and drink a serving every day)

These guys continue to refresh the hydration game with a great product that does what it is made to do. Their website ( says, “We Hydrate Humans” and that’s a message we can get behind. If you can’t find their product at a lax or athletic store near you, you can order straight from them online with free shipping.

If you can’t scrap together a couple bucks to buy it, you could always try raiding an MLL locker room. The MLL players swear by it, but we don’t recommend breaking and entering, even if its to stay hydrated.

Keep your eyes pealed for more new flavors and some stylish new packaging in the future. Post what flavors you would want to see in the comments.