Howdy, I’m Cory aka @vii.dyes (that’s “vee-eye-eye” in case you were curious) and I’m pumped to have my own space here on LPG to talk dyes. Lacrosse is filled with many chances to personalize your equipment and playing style. Whether it’s through padding, shaft/head choice, or even stringing, the options are truly endless. Dyeing your head is no exception.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the wonderful opportunity to work with the Mach 1 lacrosse head from Mohawk International Lacrosse. Mohawk is a great company because its operated out of the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne (off the St. Lawrence river between the US-Canada border). The opportunity to work on this head means a lot to me because of the connection to the Mohawk Nation. When I first unpacked the head, I knew it would be an interesting project. While the inside is fairly flat and a great canvas, the outer parts of the head were embossed in some crazy lightning-bolt patterns. So then I decided I wanted to do something crazy on the inside scoop.


The Iroquois theme, symbols and images that would represent the Iroquois bounced around my head. The Iroquois flag was a must, along with the Iroquois nationals logo. Keeping with the Iroquois theme, purple and a golden-yellow were necessities too.


So by putting all of these separate ideas together into one, the Iroquois Mach 1 was created! Featuring a white Iroquois flag and white Nationals logo surrounded by more Iroquois-colored Nats logos, this head is pretty wild-looking. The back of the head also sticks with the theme, while utilizing some of those tedious bolt designs.


This head put up a few challenges but was pretty fun to work on!

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