Since we released pics of the new Cascade-CPXR earlier today, we decided to also include the Under Armour All-American helmets as well.

Notice the UA decal along the spine of the helmet. The colorways include a Red shell with a White chin, and a Black shell with a Red chin. What do you guys think of the helmets?

Click HERE for more info on the Under Armour All-American game.

  • Bob

    The cpxr helmet is the ugliest helmet ever, the adjustment strap in the back of it is so ugly! All of my friends and I think the tail or spoiler is so stupid. Pro 7 is soooo much better

    • Sealax

      The CPX-R borrows a lot of its design/technology from race car helmets and has sleek aerodynamic lines whereas the Pro 7 is more traditional in shape with a new distinct ridge-line. Both are excellent helmets and offer Cascade’s latest safety features, the real difference is the looks of the helmets and which you prefer comes down to personal taste. Take your pick, from what I see you can’t go wrong either way.

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