By now, most of you have seen the “Write The Future” commercials over and over again. But what you definitely didn’t know is that STX/Nike rep, Kyle Harrison, is on the court during Kobe Bryant’s segment.

Kyle had this to say about the video shoot to us exclusively:

For one, it was an incredible experience to see the production and planning that goes into a Kobe Bryant shoot. Clearly, getting to slap Kobe’s hand after he hit a shot was one of the cooler experiences I’ve ever had, but what was so amazing was watching how good this dude was! Coming off of a pick, with 6 seconds on the clock, having two people jump out in his face, and he’d just fadeaway and knock down a shot after shot! Now I get why he seems so casual in games when he does it. Dude is just that good and crazy consistent.

Kyle, for being the star that he is, is incredibly humble. Look for him at the 2:03 mark on the bench.

  • mikal

    if you dont think this is cool then something is wrong with you

  • Rob Rubero

    What the hell guys? LACROSSE. Kyle Harrison was on the set during Kobe’s scene?!?! Why is this relevant to lacrosse? Is Kyle scoring a goal in the background? No. Is he on the screen working the flow so bad soccer and basketball fans would lose control of their jaw muscles? No. So I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t care about this crap.

  • Rob Rubero

    @mikal– No doubt the commercial is cool, I just wanna see lacrosse players getting their due, not them in the background to soccer and basketball

  • stussy


  • Lacrosse Playground

    Rob, I understand what you are saying. It would be cool one day to have Kobe in the background of a Harrison shoot. That’d be tight, right?! Anyways we just wanted to let you and the world know that a premiere laxer played a part in the making of a popular commercial.

  • Kyle Harrison

    Haha, easy buddy. I’m a Nike athlete, I live in LA, and the director of the commercial was actually a former Havard lacrosse player, so he invited me down to be apart of it and get to meet Kobe! So, there is a bit of a lacrosse connection. It ain’t that serious my man, and I’m sorry you found it so offensive.

  • Aaron Chrzaszcz

    nasty video, can’t wait for the world cup.

  • nick

    Kobe actually likes Lax I think its cool, if you goto dicks Nike has the lacrosse players in the promo pics.
    Fun fact Kobe and John Christmas were good friends and remain good friends in Hs, so of course he likes lax.
    Good Stuff LPG

  • Kobe Bryant

    All I know is that I’m going to win the NBA Finals Championship, and the so called “King”, and 2 time NBA MVP, still has yet to get even one of what I have four of, and soon to be five. Kyle was on the bench b/c any starting lineup with me is going to be stacked, so no offense to Kyle. In fact, Lebron would have been on the bench on my team. My team can only have CHAMPIONS on the starting lineup. Some self appointed “KING” huh? Go win some championships Lebron before you go calling yourself King and throwing baby powder in the air. No one is impressed. Now sit on the couch and I’ll show you how it’s done, just in case you missed the last four times I did it.

    Everyone has been a witness, and have not been “spoiled”

    Who is dancing now??? No dancing??? I thought that’s just the kind of team you guys are??? WHY AREN’T YOU DANCING??????

    Cleveland Nation, you guys are so spoiled. Geeez. Not my words, but your boy LeBROKE’s

    True King, out.

    Kobe Bryant.

  • rob

    my bad, sometimes i love the game a little too much