The city of Duluth, GA has banned lacrosse (and baseball and golf) from a city park after a lacrosse ball broke a window of a local business. The other thing we learned from the video below: many people in Duluth (especially the city administrator) appear to look at a lacrosse ball like it is a strange foreign object.

But, lacrosse just adds to a list of things not allowed in this park. Also not allowed are roller blades, skateboards, bikes, sidewalk chalk, fun.

What still appears to be allowed in the park? Based on the video, running through public fountains and toddlers chasing soccer balls are both still allowed… for now.

Oh, and to whoever ended up throwing that errant pass. First, don’t don’t feel bad. As we all know, breaking a window is pretty much a rite of passage in lacrosse. We’ve all missed a pass, rocketed a shot, or accidentally threw a ball through our grandparent’s window while playing wall ball (I know it wasn’t just me). Second, blame it on your teammate. We’re sure it was a perfect pass and he just wiffed on it.

  1. Banning lacrosse?!?!?! Who would think providing kids with a positive activity would be so detrimental to a community. Duluth got it wrong for banning the sport, but at least the kids have another field down the street to play on. Lax or die.

  2. What they didn’t report was that the kids left a note at the closed business…and paid for the cleanup and repair of the window.

  3. sick strings lacrosse says:

    because we all play golf at a town park….

    its at least good that the town wasnt harsh on them and allow them to play at a different field

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