This festive episode SS Customs, Stylin Strings brings out the holidays in all of us. Dustin brought the creative idea to Kumar to turn an STX Av8 upside down to make it resemble a Christmas Tree’s shape. With that in mind the guys knew the dyejob needed to feel like the pine needles were all used to seeing, minus the sap.

To start the head was dyed a very light green to make way for this 6 color dyejob, including 5 shades of green. The body lines on the head were also used to accentuate the contrast between the different shades of green for the needles. The bottom of the stick was dyed brown between the leather holes to pronounce the stump aspect of the tree.

Dustin then gave Van a piece of forest green 8 diamond mesh to string flat into the stick. The top string was ran thru the leathers to lock it into place. Dustin then weaved the leathers thru the mesh to resemble the stump getting smaller toward the top of the tree.

After a short trip to a local Christmas store Dustin found a perfect strand of 20 led lights, 6 mini Xmas balls, and a star that could be customized to the top of the stick. A few hours later the stick was strung up with a full set of lights. The balls were also strategically tied into the stick balancing between the lights. The star at the top was cut in half and attached using a custom SS ballstop.

Mission complete: now the SS headquaters finally has its own LaXmas tree. Only problem now is finding presents small enough to sit under it. Stay tuned to more SS Customs on Lacrosse Playground & on and their Facebook page at