New for the 2012 Ocean City Lacrosse Classic is a Braveheart competition. Everyone who has played lacrosse knows what a Braveheart is and it is…AWESOME. But, for those who aren’t familiar with the term a Braveheart usually decides the outcome of a game instead of playing Overtime. The Braveheart involves one goalie and one middie from each team. The middies faceoff and play one-on-one until the first player scores. Pretty simple, but remember it’s called Braveheart for a reason. It’s glorious!

The competition takes place Saturday August 18th at 8 PM Northside Park. Read the guidelines below.

Who is eligible?
– Men’s Elite Pool Winners – If your Men’s Elite Team wins your Pool Championship your team is eligible to compete for the Braveheart Competition.
What is a Braveheart Team?
– A Braveheart Team consists of a “Goal Tender” and a “Field Player”.
When and where is the competition?
– Saturday August 18th at 8 PM Northside Park Stadium field.
Rules –
1. Single Elimination.
2. A minimum of 20 players from your team must be present to witness the competition for your team to cheer you on to victory and to claim their prizes.
3. Eight teams will participate in a bracketed tournament…4 games then 2 games then a championship.
4. Referees will be use to keep competition civil.
Prizes –
1. Each Team that participates will receive a $50 gift certificate
to be used at a participating Bar/ Restaurant.
2. All winning team members present (max 30) will receive Braveheart Championship shirts.
3. The winning team receives a $200 gift certificate to be used at a participating Bar/Restaurant sponsor.

The only problem I see with the Braveheart competition is the time it takes place, 8pm. A majority of the players and fans will be at either Fager’s Island or Mackey’s. For a full list of what to do in Ocean City click the Ocean City Tour Guide.

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