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K18: Inspiration Behind The Entire Line

Kyle Harrison dishes in a new video on the inspiration behind his entire line of

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Cornell K18 gloves and arm guards

Cornell K18 gloves and arm guards

STX has released new visuals of Cornell's new gear for the Spring. The new gear includes

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Kyle Harrison on the New k18 Head

Lacrosse Monkey has a video of Kyle Harrison taking about the new k18 head. He mentions that the head was made stronger than the last version and also

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A look at the new K18 Arm Pad

STX has put up some photos of the new K18 arm pad on its

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K18: What's the deal with the turtle?

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STX releases sample K18 gloves

STX, which has been releasing information about its products on its Facebook page, today released a preview of the K18 gloves. Below are the photos, w

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STX out with new K18 Commercial

STX is hyping up the new K18 line with a new commercial featuring Kyle Harrison and some older clips of him playing basketball and soccer. You can che

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SOSO 59: Super Color Rabil, Terrible Camera Work By Mike, & a Weak Pinky Injury

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STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Helmet Review

STX Will Provide Equipment for U.S. Men’s Lacrosse Team and Launch Contest To Win Custom Team USA Gear

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