We met a lot of old friends as well as making new ones as we made our way to nearly every vendor. In the third installment of gear photos from the US Lacrosse Convention we present equipment from Gait, Defender and Rapstix. View photos as well as notes on each product below.

Gait – Equipment
Shaft – SC55 – scandium+grippy material on shaft – light and strong
Exo – stronger/heavier – (alloy+composite materials) – dents and bends less
Gloves – Dakota series – extra rigid foam – partnered with Poron company for foam
Heads – Saber – more popular with dpoles
M4 – high school only – stiffer version of the torque
Torque – universal – easy to string – little bit more flexible

Defender Mouth Guards
Special braces mouthguard – Company partners with the kid’s orthodontist, teaches orthodontist how to use the plaster mold of the kid’s mouth to create a custom mouth guard. Space available for mouth guard.
For teeth that will move over time (due to braces), a gap is left where the tooth is supposed to go, allow the tooth to move easily to the correct position.
For the rest of kids – take home kit, customizable. Logos, images, colors, etc.

RapStix – Shaft Accessories
$20-13/sticker (dpoles need two)
New online app for customizing colors, logos, type, images, etc.
Popular with fundraisers or team events

Champion – Uniforms/Apparel
Materials are velcro-tested to resist wear from velcro on jerseys