As we continue to look through the menagerie of photos from the US Lacrosse Convention this passed weekend we realize how many great products were on display. Products from Under Armour in particular caught our eyes. UA showed us all of their products for 2012 including the Pocket Clip, shafts, heads and gloves. View the photos below.
Under Armour
Feature on new heads called the Pocket Clip – helps make a universal head hold the ball tight
Heads – “Player” “Nitric” “Revenant”
Shafts – “7075 Alloy” “Playmaker” “Demolish”
Glove – one-piece “molded skin tech” – custom colors / logos available

  1. Their gloves are surprisingly very nice the head clip idea is flimsy but hey the torque sold with the same idea right? maybe gait will find some success here

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