Paul Rabil and Neil Savage Designs have re-launched “”, calling it “Rabil 2.0”. The official link to the website will remain the same:

Included in Rabil 2.0 is the newly designed engine, “Connect 99”. Through this portion of the website, Rabil will continuously stay in touch with his connections via personal blogs, videos, workout schemes and player tips. In addition to this, Rabil will work with his sponsors to include exclusive deals and content for Connect 99 members. Sponsors include: Warrior sports, New Balance, Red Bull, Polk Audio, and Nooka watches and accessories.

Rabil 2.0 also includes an entirely new state-of-the-art design with hi-resolution photos and videos as the landscape. Other features on the site include Rabil’s biography, media portfolio, annual camp and clinic information, an online store for merchandise, and information on The Paul Rabil Foundation.

To view more, please visit: