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This is a self-explanatory picture from the Gonzaga College High School vs. St. John’s College High School game this week in DC. Gonzaga, 5th in the DC Metro area according to the Washington Post, pulls ahead while a St. John’s middie… Add your own caption below for a chance to win a prize.

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  • Tyler Graham

    Scoopin up those GBs

  • Zane Anderson

    now we know why st johns’ record is so good this year…

  • Ryan Kiser

    Ground “balls” win games….

  • Frank

    Got Ball!

  • http://stickstarlacrosse.com Kyle Saunders

    “Thats gotta Orange Ball!”

  • http://stickstarlacrosse.com Kyle Saunders

    “Illegal body check, Orange #22″

  • Michael Laverty

    while a st. john’s middie makes sure that the ref is properly equipped for the game as well.

  • John

    Cup check Ref..

  • Ryan Horanburg

    Ok sir everything feels fine, all I need now is for you to *COUGH*

  • JROB

    Wow that kid from Gonzaga was right, Coach Thomas is much bigger than the ref

  • Bill

    Push; with possession.

  • djpermut

    Sir….you dropped these

  • Nick Fusco

    Play hard and stay hard, choke up on that shaft, sir may i have your rubberized coating, a bribe gone to far, and GOAL!!!!

  • RobetG.

    I didn’t hear a release call?

  • Nick Fusco

    Play hard and stay hard, choke up on that shaft, sir may i have your rubberized coated shaft, a bribe gone to far, need any protection ref?, and GOAL!!!!

  • ga

    “Ball down”


  • JayLaxUk

    i’d say 2…maybe 2 and a half inches?

  • JRegan12

    Great call ref!

  • Valiant20

    Cup Check!!!

  • Jr

    #4 – “Thanks for the Pick, Zebra!”
    #22 – ” Just feeling to see if they are the same size as my own!”
    Zebra – “Yes Zebra’s have Balls too!”

  • RubberDucky

    Ref, what’s the capital of Thailand? BANG-COCK!

  • Jordan

    thats a stick check ref

  • Jordan

    Now thats a stick check ref!

  • trevario22

    illegal procedure this!!

  • brian

    It’s okay son. We will talk about this later.

  • David10

    Man…. Ball… Manballs!

  • Brendan

    Somewhere a youth coach in cut-off sweatpants, or “sworts,” who lives and dies by the “ball-release” call is smiling.

  • vegan

    “hey! hey! hey! wrong ball kid!”

  • wes

    “Lacrosse…what men play during baseball season”

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Haha, loving these captions fellas, but I think you can step up your game!

  • http://laxtricks247 chris

    i go to st. johns and thats my boy alex hunt holy shit hahahah

  • Reid

    you call that a hold? this is a hold…

  • body shield

    the way you blew that whistle really turned me on..maybe next faceoff ill grab the ball ;)

  • djpermut

    Every Rebook lacrosse glove comes with its pertinent GRIPTONITE PALM – The right grip in the right place for maximum control.

  • 10KLakesLax

    but sir I got stick!

  • Cesar

    You want the ball ref……. here it is!

  • Phil Hess

    Off ball movement taken too far

  • Phil Hess

    A great ride by #22

  • Theck

    one minute, unreleasable,# 22. illegal contact with the ball

  • Fritzlax

    I’m feeling ya ref

  • lax8907

    Don’t be afraid to ask a St. John Cadet about E.D. today

  • http://laxmesh.wordpress.com PiotreX

    Kids these days… they grow up so fast.

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Yes they do PiotreX, yes they do.

  • Tim

    We all must do our part to check for testicular cancer

  • Aussie

    “That’s definitely a moving pick, Sir”

  • falconslax

    this isn’t where i parked my car

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  • Mike Paz

    Lesson in catching balls #1: always remember to take have a firm grip towards the top of the shaft

  • naplax31

    Im sorry sir your shaft doesnt meet NFHS specs

  • brubrobru

    “Well….at least it’s not blue balls…”

  • b

    “dude.. I totally just grabbed the ref’s balls”

  • b

    “man, these catholic school kids and authority figures… so many victims”

  • Joe

    “lemme get those ref?”


    The best distractions come from the most painful interactions.

  • young che

    going to an all boys school does that to you.
    turns you gay

  • patrick Slagle

    …now cough.

  • mike

    What’s the capital of Thailand?

  • ralph7

    “Hey Ref,.. Is your stick legal?”

  • http://jaylax40 Jay Wadyka

    yeah eagles

  • Emanon


  • Bro Nuts

    “uhhp thats not my cell phone”

  • 414 Lax

    Send this call our way and I’ll see you after the game ;)

  • Tony M

    Is that a lose ball push or a hold?

  • Cupcheck

    Is the call for this withholding? If this were on a face-off it would be a 1 minute unsportsmanlike…

  • Dlax

    Cup check….

  • Jensen

    That’s for that bad call last game, mofucker

  • Brad Kamedulski

    New Rule: In addition to all stick checks, there will also be random cup checks through out the game

  • Brad Kamedulski

    New Rule: In addition to all stick checks, there will also be random cup checks through out the game

  • Gary Finehouse

    lemme suck yo dick a lil while

  • Ryan Muscato

    damn ref are these balls game legal?

  • Jonathan Carter

    grabs a shaft that isn’t his.

  • Matt Endo

    Cup Check…
    You’re doing it wrong.

  • Laxdude

    Hey wait a minute your not a priest.

  • ThugLife

    “wrong ball”

  • penis

    I prefer greasy balls

  • william

    “Yo ref hes not allowed to put his hands on the ball”!

  • Guy grabbing’s friend

    dude. the sad thing is that i actually know this kid in real life. He’s actually one of my good friends. I go to St. John’s. But this shit is still funny as hell hahaha

  • kyle

    “I’ll show you a stick check!”

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  • Kmort13

    trying to get a little before they even win