This dye job was requested by an individual seeing some of my other work done on the site. So the client requested a mini pinstripe pattern inside in White and Red with a solid Black outside. At first I was skeptical about this one since I had never tried to cover one side of the head completely to keep it the original colors.

The Red and White portion was the easy part. I simply cut the strips and placed all cutting off the excess. I then dyed the head Red and removed the strips revealing the Red and White portion. This is wear it gets tricky. I started with two long stripes to cover the edges of the inside of the head. I had to be careful of the overlap because as most dyers know, water leaks.

So I began using hot glue on certain portions and overlaps to be sure that no leakage happened. After covering a large portion with hot glue and tape I then dyed it Black. This was the final result. Seeing how this one came out has me already excited about dyeing another one.

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Matt Hickman graduated from Georgetown Prep (’04) and then went on to star at Salisbury University (’08). He now runs King Dyes while also working for Performance Lacrosse Training in Bethesda, Md.