We all know President Obama is a huge basketball fan, but what about lacrosse?

Five-time defending NCAA Women’s DI lacrosse champion Northwestern will be headed to the White House this fall for their annual trip celebrating NCAA champions. So Brine, which is a sponsor of Northwestern, produced a couple of sticks for the first family.

The custom stick for President Obama (pictured below) is a Brine Clutch head, featuring a patriotic red, white, and blue design. The head comes with the president’s name, Barack Obama, printed on the outer edge of one sidewall. Meanwhile, the handle is a custom “Presidential” SwizzBeat, which is anodized black, featuring a red, white, and blue pattern.



Also created was a women’s stick (below), a Brine Amonte head in Northwestern colors, sitting on a Lithium handle. Who knows, maybe one of the first daughters will pick up the sport.


  • matt biell

    wow thats impressive.

  • DCnative

    Maybe we’ll see Barry laxin instead of hoopin for now on.

  • aussie



    Barrack Obama and Lacrosse do not mix; i hope that stick is lost and never found

  • espo

    i would love to see marion barry crankin lax balls insead of crack balls



  • Frank

    Can I see a side pic of the Obama Clutch?
    Will the Presidential Swizzbeat be available to the public any time soon?

  • John Q

    Looks like the Optimus Prime shaft to me

  • Bill

    how much is this