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PrimeTime Lacrosse x Warrior Riot Gloves

Posted on May 23, 2011 by

Categories: Companies, Equipment/Gear, Gloves, Warrior

The PrimeTime Power Penguins from the Boston area decided to add excitement to their 2011 Summer team gloves. The Penguins will rock Warrior Riot gloves with interchangeable cuffs. The cuffs are black and orange, whereas, the full body of the glove features blue, white, and orange colorways swirling together.

View our video reviews of the Riot here. And click here to learn more about PrimeTime Lacrosse.

Posted in: Companies

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  • pitts

    my friend is playing for them. gnaaarrrr

  • pitts

    my friend is playing for them. gnaaarrrr

  • Ryan

    sick  gloves and helmets

  • mike

    is there a place were you can customize your cuffs.