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Recap: Max Ritz x S. Hochstadt on The Hills

Posted on May 26, 2010 by

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We were the first to inform the masses about LXM Pro’s Max Ritz appearing on this week’s The Hills. Inside Lax and LAS caught on too with great followups. Below is a video interview with Xander and Max Ritz. Below the video is a well-done Q&A by LAS. The Latter is a great, informative, and eye-opening interview with Max.

Here are some excerpts from the LAS article.

I’m 24 and have only lived in LA for a year and a half, so my outlook on life hasn’t changed, but the societal and economic norms there are completely different from the East Coast. Not for better or worse, just different. People can get a little crazy in LA, but our group of friends work very hard and keep each other grounded – which is why we’ve had some success in our different ventures there, I believe.

I’ve never had aspirations of being in the industry nor do I watch/follow non-sports TV, so being around people who garner a lot of media attention in that way has never made me nervous. We had a big New Year’s Eve party in 08/09 at a restaurant in Hollywood where there were a lot of celebrities and media outlets, and the most jammed up I got all night was when Sean Morris and I literally bumped into Tony Parker. We opened the bathroom door right into him and he held his wrist like it was hurt. He was just messing with us but that would have been very serious…

We’ve filmed a bunch of content, but I really don’t know what MTV will cut out or choose to include. We’re throwing a few LXM PRO beach parties this summer in LA which have been discussed for filming. But I wouldn’t exactly call those dates…

Full article aqui.

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