The Reebok National Lacrosse Team is a true elite national lacrosse team comprised of the best players from around the country who play on a Madlax All-Stars team, a Partner Program, or meet the criteria of being an elite 2013, 2014 or 2015 lacrosse player with high character. Reebok is the title sponsor and provides free custom team shorts, socks and equipment. Today, we bring you the first look at custom MadGear helmet decals. Below are close-ups of the helmets. Very cool design!

The Reebok Nationals team will play once in July at the prestigious Shootout Session #2 and most likely in November in a tournament to be announced. The Shootout by Brine is considered by most the premier recruiting event in the country every year. Now ALL players across the country who may not have the opportunity to attend such a high level tournament will be able to play at the highest level on this Reebok National team. The players on this team will surely be considered some of the best players in the country for their age and be able to play with the best on one of the strongest teams in the country in exclusive recruiting tournaments like The Shootout and other top tournaments that are only accessible through Madlax.

For more information on how you can be involved visit Reebok Madlax National Team.

Action shot of full uniform vs Calvert Hall. Madlax won 7-5.

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