Reebok will be introducing their 9K product line of equipment and 10K lacrosse sticks through the independent sports film, Crooked Arrows. Crooked Arrows, the first motion picture to focus on lacrosse, began talks with Reebok executives last year. The last time we saw a company capitalize on a branding opportunity in a sports movie was Easton Sports for Mighty Ducks.

The relationship between the two entities will undoubtedly promote the movie as well as Reebok lacrosse while also introducing the sport to a wider fan base.

“Normally to raise money, you take a movie to festivals and pray someone picks it up for distribution,” said Jacques Vroom, president of movie-marketing firm Vroom3 and marketing director for “Crooked Arrows.” “With independent movies, the reality is these deals are rare, but a little money in return for product placement leaves a lot of opportunity for the film and where it can be seen.”

Reebok’s financial support guarantees the movie will be seen in at least 250 theaters in 2011.

Read the full article at Advertising Age.

  • bromance

    cant wait to see lax on the big screen. havent seen it since oz ran off the field to see that laxtitute in american pie.

  • Jason

    Cannot say I am overly impressed by this. I coach a natioanal team that will compete in the Worlds in July and my players have trained for the alst 18 monthes to make the team and yet not one of the LAX companies were interested in sponsoring us. Surley the World Games would be better way to push products and not a film that very few people will ever see.

  • snafoo

    Sorry Jason but I have to disagree. The World Games are in England and will probably have very little press in the States (where most of the lacrosse manufacturers focus their efforts) besides IL and a couple blogs. Sponsoring a movie that has the potential for national exposure and most likely a definite ‘must see’ for lax fans is a much better investment…but thats just my opinion

  • Snafoo, thanks for you confidence in Crooked Arrows. Jason, as a long time marketing and partnership person, I understand your pain. And I very much hope you get more support down the road.

    I wanted to respond to your comment, to tell you why I hope Crooked Arrows will eventually be helpful to your national team. Crooked Arrows will likely be seen by millions of viewers, some current lacrosse fans, some who have never seen a stick. It will first be released nationally on 250 screens, but eventually worldwide. It will introduce the excitement, dedication and passion of lacrosse to a more broad audience than ever before. This is good for Reebok, and all other manufacturers frankly, because it grows the pie, rather than just fighting over the same pieces. And by making lacrosse bigger, worldwide, your team will be much more attractive to future sponsorship.

    Anyway, know that my commentary is rooted in support for you and your efforts. The best of luck to you.

    Jacques Vroom
    Marketing Director who worked with Reebok to put this deal together

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