We’ve definitely seen some heads out there that have looked pretty money after a sick dye job. But with Reebok’s factory-made heads, they might just give a new definition to the phrase “that head is money.” In 2010, Reebok’s line of heads will feature their new Hydro-fusion technology. With all of the major lacrosse companies now featuring their heads with factory colors that retain the same warranty as their traditional white heads, Reebok has taken that a whole step further be adding patterns and designs to the head.

This new technology allows them to put any design and color they want on their heads, with the possibilities being limitless (theoretically, they could even place a picture on a head). The Hydro-fusion technology is used post-manufacturing where a completed head is taken and the design and color is fused into the plastic. Reebok has told us that the Hydro-fused heads will have the same strength and warranty as all of their other heads. In 2010 Reebok will feature nine different Hydro-fusion designs including six different houndstooth colors, two different camo colors and a $100 bill design. Reebok will also feature a women’s head using the Hydro-fusion technology that will have a design similar to the Burberry pattern.

Check out some of the designs hitting stores this fall:








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