Roots Board Company is run by a former lax rat on the UMBC lacrosse team. We’ve gotten to know Roots and really believe they are as genuine as their name. The crew that makes up the company are down to earth and just want to give the consumer an amazing product.

The products are longboards! Longboards have always been the most chill form of transportation. I used one to get to and from classes in college. Roots makes three kinds of landcruisers, which are made from hand-selected wood called Baltic Birch. The three kinds of boards are called Yellowfin, Big Eye, and Mahi.

Give the guys at Roots a shout. They’d be more than happy to chitchat with you.

Learn more about Roots Board Company by clicking here.

About Roots Board Company

Roots Board Company is a small business located in Baltimore, MD, which is also known as the great 410. We specialize in building custom longboard skateboards and have been in business since 2009. The company’s sole purpose is to revolutionize the movement of artistry by cruising down the streets in style, bombing hills or carving in a parking lot. Our products ensure a unique artistic sense, durability, and performance. Each board is unique and handcrafted in a local shop with professional tools. Each piece of wood is hand selected to ensure quality. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible product. Thank you for your support and remember to stay true to “one fluid motion.” Join us in revolutionizing the “roots movement” today.”

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  • Joshjohnston86

    I got my custom board from these guys and it f$&king kick a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!