• lil snooki

    chapman could prob beat hopkins on a good day

  • Those Penn State gloves are so clean I wouldn’t wanna get them dirty. Thanks for sharing the vid!

  • @lil snooki get serious

    For the gloves they are alright. I would have liked to see Chapman’s all white with maybe just the cuff insert in the red.

    So far I say Hofstra has the best K18s

  • marcus

    The Chapman paw print is vicious.

    @Damian All White with Red cuff wouldn’t be as tight as this one

  • bobby

    maybe if they concentrated on the game…
    but they cant fool around and win against REAL varsity teams

  • johnny lax

    fall ball is about the only time when you can let loose a bit in a game. I think even Chapman is bit more serious during the season 🙂

  • jerseydevil

    Anyone know where i can get ahold of the new or old Penn State k18’s? Anyone got any connections? I need a pair