Scottish Box Lacrosse League

Glasgow Clydesiders were founded in the Summer of 2012 by Myles Bonnar and Hal Jones who decided to create the foundation for the possible establishment of a Scottish Box Lacrosse League. The group started with around 20 members and 10-12 players attending the weekly Wednesday game. Since then, the membership figures have risen to 50 + after the inclusion of players from field lacrosse clubs such as Stirling University, Edinburgh City, Glasgow University and Glasgow City. They now have weekly player numbers that sit at around 18-20 players and the standard of box lacrosse played today is remarkable considering where they started.

The first session seemed to re-kindle the personal desire of the players to be an actor in a battle scene from Braveheart with all players getting in each other’s faces, battle-axing each other with the stick, cross-checking aimlessly and being very close to “dropping their gloves” on several occasions. Since then the Clydesiders have had NLL sized goals made, many players have invested in the correct body protection, the rules have been tightened (until they are completely kitted out in the correct manner), they have applied to play in some large Box competitions in Europe and now have team kit plus a white jersey for training.

Scottish Box Lacrosse League

This version of the game has proven very popular with the current Scotland based players and many have commented on their love for the indoor game. They have established ties with Edinburgh, Stirling and Aberdeen, at a club level, so that they can establish their own teams after trying the game in Glasgow and the results have been promising with the possibility of a pre-Xmas game against Aberdeen Oilers (working title). Myles and Hal (plus one of the clubs Canadians, Dylan Cowman) are in the process of arranging a Scottish box tournament so that the 4 big cities in Scottish lacrosse can compete with each other. There is also talk of moving the venue to a larger hall than the Clydesiders current Drumoyne Sports Complex in Glasgow as well as talks to establish proper coaching from the CLA or from the Canadian-Scot Box players who play for the Scottish National Field side.

Scottish Box Lacrosse League

Everything is looking up for the Glasgow Box team and with the arrival of the new kit (designed by Hal Jones, Myles Bonnar & Dylan Cowman and created by Owayo) the team now has an identity. Please see the team photos and jersey close-ups of the Clydesider’s new jersey which was based on the Finnieston Crane/ shipyard history of the city of Glasgow.

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