The Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic had no shortage of drama this weekend. After Maryland topped Duke in the first game of the day, Princeton and Hopkins added their own drama, as the Tigers knocked off Hopkins 11-10 in overtime.

Re-live the action of the weekend with some of the shots below. (Photos: Bill Jones)

  1. Anyone else notice that half of the team is wearing Cascade helmets while the other half is wearing warrior helmets?

  2. Noticed that watching the game on tv. I don’t get why anyone uses anything but cascade. This will be a big year for Cascade because the gait helmets had issues so they had to pull them forcing the gait teams like Gettysburg and UVA to go with Cascade. ALso as soon as the lawsuit between cascade and warrior is finalized the teams wearing those CPX rip-offs will have to switch to someone else and it isn’t going to be riddell.

  3. Not a fan at all of Princetons jerseys or helmets. Just ugly all the way around. Big, baggy jerseys with odd colorway and the helmet might just be a tad too plain. What gives?!

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