Have you ever been in-between classes or meetings and wanted to just fall down and take a nap? Now you can comfortably and soundly with the Sleep Suit. Not-so-fond memories of sleeping in stairwells keep crawling back into my brain and I’m beating myself over-and-over for not creating this myself. Sure, a sleeping bag would do the trick, but did the iPod creator settle for a Walkman? Nopes, obvi.

The suit is comprised of structural pleats that serve multiple purposes. The interrelation between the occupant and the surroundings are challenged through the reinterpretation of personal space, and offer opportunity for varying sensations of associated temporality. The EVA foam pleats ensure the internal environment is breathable, while offering comfortable support for the body in numerous positions. Thus, the main emphasis is that you can take your 30-minute nap in virtually any location, while filtering the immediate surroundings without completely disconnecting the occupant. Continue Reading Here…

What’s left to create nowadays? Edible poop?


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