For this episode, Stylin Strings chopped out an STX Crux 10 degree head. This Lax County Choppers issue is over-the-top with an idea that came from an in-store customer Lindsay Ingram of York, PA. She was in-and-out of the shop two or three times throwing ideas around. First, she wanted us to match a sticker wrap on her shaft, then she came back with the always anticipated question, “is this possible?” An SS favorite answer, “anything is possible depending on budget.”

Dustin remembered they had an old STX snakeskin wrapped Bionic that was like 10 years old laying around the shop to use for a visual aid. Looking at that example Dustin prepped over 3000 custom scale shapes to hand place with an exacto knife. The task seamed insane but a challenge is always warranted in the SS Dye Lab. The head was dyed a bright fuscia first before it was stickered.

Then, it was hours upon hours of scaling every possible inch of the Crux 10. After an estimated 25 hours of time and way over 2000 scales, the stick was ready to dip black. And as any dye enthusiast knows black usually needs dipped twice. And even then it can look a little purple in the sun or bleed your stickers. But as the peel reveals another spectacular piece of custom artwork out of the SS dye lab and another happy Lax County Choppers member.

Stay tuned for more dye jobs from, and check out their Facebook Page.

  • Max McCool


  • Looks Good!

  • Wardk24

    what was used as the middle two runners?