Early last week, LPG conceived of an idea to giveaway official LPG t-shirts by having a fun contest. The contest consisted of fans posting their best lax-snow renditions to the LPG Facebook page. Here’s the original post:

Despite the Snopocalypse that many of you are experiencing (30 inches in Maryland from last weekend and as much as 17 inches in some parts of Maryland midweek), LPG has decided to see the brighter side of it and encourage your creativity. Place a picture of your Snomageddon with a lacrosse twist on the LPG Facebook page.

While many of you emailed the pictures, LPG specifically noted that you had to post it on Facebook.

The winners are Carmen H. and John A. from Baltimore. Creativity was the main deciding factor and you can’t go wrong with a laxer trapped in the snow and an icicle pick for a goalie stick.

Carmen H.

John A.

Thanks for participating in the contest guys. Stay tuned for an even bigger giveaway approaching very, very soon.