BroBible recently sat down with Chris Mead and Matt Wheeler, founders of, about their website and how to stand out amongst your peers on the field and off the field. Chris and Matt also let us in on their upcoming plans for the fall.

In the interview Co-Founder Chris Meade states that “had extensive cooperation from the coaching community in developing features that cannot be found in other recruiting applications, so coaches use the tool. It incorporates video, which is growing in importance due to the growth of the game. It makes it easy to communicate with college coaches. And most importantly we feel that we had an inside track when compared to other recruiting websites since we played, coached, and also spent endless hours of our lives on the computer.”

View more of the insightful interview at BroBible.

Do any of you use recruiting sites or services? LPG wants to know.

  • misslax8900

    I wasn’t aware there was such a site. Seems worth looking into though.

  • newrochellelax

    i used it last year and got a lot of attention. playing at bowdoin soon

  • C money

    everybody who reads this, dont make a lax recruits profile for many reasons: it costs a lot more than it is worth, u can just send this kind of stuff in the mail to coaches, also it is much better to just go to recruiting camps where there are tons of college coaches and they can make sure u are legit because of the competition u are playing against, also in a lot of highlight videos there is questionable comp. and the coaches dont see your whole game…………….. so basically laxrecruits is just a scam