As 2011 rolls in, I’d like to bequeath upon you my musings on what I believe will be hot, not or in between in 2011. You can find all the hot trends in the “Always” column:

Sometimes Always Never
iPhone Android Non-Smartphone
Online Advertising Social Media Print Advertising
US Thailand Canada
Dyed Chrome Plain/White
Houndstooth Checkerboard Argyle
Alloy or Composite True Temper Titanium
Iroquois Triangle Double-Lock
Mesh Sublimated Dazzle
Decals Headwrapz Naked
Turfs Molded Detachable
Powerade Motive Pure Gatorade
Polos Pinnies V-necks
Rubber Sport Watches Military Watches Rolexes
Aviators Frogskins Wayfarers
4Runner Tahoe Expedition
Natty Bud Miller

Got any suggestions or additions? Sound off in the comments below:



P.S. – Make it a beaucoup year: