Welcome back to the 79th episode of the world famous Ship Out Shout Out. This week we start off by rattling off all the nickname’s we have good ol’ Skaggs. #IrishMike, Tyler Bortner, Van, and Frankie Fingers all have a little fun telling the world all the nicknames we have come up with over the years. The first stick of the episode is a beautiful Maverik Optik with a Cali Plus pocket with Throne Fade mesh in our company colors. Up next #Skaggravation decides to let us all know that we need to stop using the term “color-way” which is proven when he is angered when Mike uses it in a question and a Two Color Fade Brine Clutch 3 with a matching Cali Plus pocket using East Coast Wax mesh. This things is fantastic with a great dye with matching colored strings and pocket placement. Finally we end off the show with our brand new Lockdown Goalie pocket which has a new sidewall structure that has never been used before. This one features East Coast Dyes 12 diamond Goalie Mesh and we give a glimpse into the testing that was done for this pocket at the East Coast Dyes Studio which let’s you see you yourself, this pocket is the real deal. Stay tuned this saturday as we give a full breakdown on the new goalie pocket as well as how the others withstood the pressure test. Until next time, Keep Laxin’

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