• Why are club teams so married to brine? I tried on Carolina’s new gloves, and they were Nyse…STX needs to make a push down for club and HS teams

  • love gun

    damian, i totally agree. it seems like stx is hard to get a hold of huh?

  • kingbrine

    Damian, cause our stuff is the best. C’mon now!

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  • Cam

    I would’ve gone with black and maroon, but I also haven’t seen their uniforms.

  • Fill

    Agreed, I would’ve had like to see a lot more black on the gloves

  • JiggaWhat

    I love the King II’s, have them for my POCO team. The STX K18’s are ridiculous, but in college we had STX gloves, single stitched and didn’t last a full season.

  • chimmy changu

    those gloves are ridiculous and my friends got a pair for his club team and the thumb seam ripped within 3 games (not the king 2’s the k18s)