New in 2011, the STX Stallion is brought to you by STX Lacrosse and LXM Pro Player, Kyle Harrison. This is the first lacrosse head that they have developed that is for a straight lacrosse shaft. In the past they have been for a 10 Degree Handle. South Swell Sports wants to offer consumers the very best equipment and opportunities to up their game this coming season. South Swell is proud to carry the STX Stallion lacrosse head as a Pro Strung series lacrosse head. Featuring the exact pocket that Kyle plays with while on the field.

Kyle Harrison tells us why he likes the high pocket so much:

I like the high pocket because it gives me a quick release when shooting and passing. It’s got just enough whip to add some speed on my shot, but not too much whip where it effects how I pass the ball. Lastly, it’s got great hold, so you can run through traffic without having to worry about the ball slipping out on ya!

Kyle Harrison and STX Design Engineer, Jon Bond, talk about Kyle’s new Stallion head:

Make sure to check out the STX Stallion Pro Strung exclusively at South Swell Sports. You can purchase a White Pro Strung Stallion now and pre-order other colors at

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