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Steele Stanwick Feeds From His Back

Posted on March 12, 2012 by

Categories: D1, video

Steele Stanwick gets checked to the ground, cradles, and feeds Mark Cockerton from his back in the first quarter against Cornell Saturday. How does Stanwick do it over-and-over again? He’s one of the smallest people on the feed, yet, has the heart of an 8′ giant. If he’s Orion, then his team is Cedalion. Watch as he gets in the face of his defender towards the end of the video. Love it!

Where was the flag Quint?



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  • Jordan Coeyman

    Gritty. Gettin it done.

  • Jordan Coeyman

    Gritty. Gettin it done.

  • Zdblax33

    push in the back w/ posession

    • Michael Riley

      he turned into it..