Stevenson just got an upgrade in the helmet world. After winning the CAC Championship, Head Coach Paul Cantabene, also known as Beaner, bought the boys some well-deserved new helmets. After much debate and consideration, they went with all green PRO-7’s and white lettering.

Beaner and boys have a new found swagger over in Baltimore. However, they can’t do it alone. They want to know what you prefer… “Stangs” decal on the usual side of the helmet or on the brim? Drop a line on the way out.

  • king of swag

    STANGS on the usual side and them maybe grap some of those old school sheilds and stick them on the BRIM! Check it!

  • king of swag

    Stangs on the usual side and maybe the old school shield on the brim! Check it! or Reverse it!

  • Cantabene is my hero


  • Stangs on Brim

  • laxprince49

    Stangs on the brim looks sick and original

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Stangs will only look good on the brim if there is something suitable that can take its place on the side. Say, maybe a Maryland flag which is already present on their gloves.

  • iclax14

    deffinitly on the brim

  • jimbo

    jimmy dailey sucks

  • thomas

    dailey is a tool

  • 412 Lax

    Might only go to the tournament once. Go with the brim.