The retailer, Stickhead Lacrosse, will soon introduce their specially designed shafts by 1Lacrosse.  1Lacrosse has been crushing the customized shaft game for well over a year now.  Their first big splash was this past summer’s Under Armour All-America games at Towson University.

Stickhead, a premiere merchandiser in the south, has taken a hands-on approach to spreading the sport below the Mason-Dixon.  While it originated in Memphis, Stickhead has additional locations in Boca Raton, Louisville, St. Louis, and Vero Beach.

Keep an eye out for these bad boys, which will only be available in Stickhead stores.

  • debo

    Finally, stickhead is relevant again. Wouldn’t mind one of those shafts.

  • Alex

    THe 1Lacrosse Maryland Masters Lacrosse shafts (MD Flag design) are on sale…check out and click on the Severn River 1 team site.

  • Brian

    Those Stickhead Shafts look sick, how do I pick one up?

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