Streaker Sports Releases 2001 Loyola Lacrosse Shorts

Capping a string of 14 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances, the 2001 Loyola ‘Hounds were the last team to dance to Quarterfinal weekend (until their Title run in 2012.) While what they accomplished on the scorecard was impressive, the one-of-a-kind diamond braid uniform they wore in 2000 and 2001 stands as the teams aesthetic legacy. Fortunate or unfortunate legacy, you be the judge. The 2001 Loyola Shorts are made from gray quick drying poly microfiber material that become more comfortable with every wash.

Streaker Sports Releases 2001 Loyola Lacrosse Shorts

Mesh pockets let you tote your iPod on those training days while also making sure you’re not carrying half the pool with you when you get out. Its old meets new, in a whole ‘nother way.

Purchase the 2001 Loyola Lacrosse shorts today!

Streaker Sports Releases 2001 Loyola Lacrosse Shorts

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Streaker Sports is a purveyor of fine apparel and accessories focused on the special bond between fans and the teams they follow. Born and raised in the US of A, Streaker Sports finds inspiration from the ghosts of teams forgotten, adapting them to today’s style and comfort.

Never over produced, rest assured, if you’re the proud owner of a Streaker Originals design, you’ll be one of the few. All our products are produced in limited runs, and a portion from every sale supports the growth of sports programs in underserved communities. As much as we want you to Be a part of the game…it’s important to us to help others be a part of it too.

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