STX is running a promotion on its Facebook page to push its fan base to 5,000 users. Currently around 4,800 fans, STX has produced 3 factory pink X10 heads and will give them away if the manufacturer reaches 5,000 fans on its Facebook page by December 28. There’s been a trend in lax of bolder and more colorful heads. What do you think of the pink?


  • mckensie

    I’d give my left n*t for that head

  • ryan tycho


  • bob

    i wuld kill some one for this head mad sick idc if its pink only 3 of them ever made its god like

  • ochocinco

    almost as bad of an idea as making lacrosse an x-game.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? wheres the tradition? i think any head other than a white one is childish. focus more on your game, than your gear.

  • Laxrbro28

    what color of rit dye di u use

  • Laxrbro28

    what color of rit dye di u use