STX Launches Third Generation Kyle Harrison “K18” Line

Photos of the line HERE.

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore-based STX, LLC, a global sporting goods leader, announced today that Kyle Harrison’s latest K18 equipment line is now available at sporting goods retailers nationwide.

Harrison’s new K18 collection was developed for the intermediate player aspiring to improve their game and take it to the next level. The line includes the K18 handle, which was released in May 2013, along with a new Universal legal head, gloves, arm pads, arm guards and shoulder pads.

The K18 pattern on the padding equipment includes game scores, important dates, and mascots that hold significant personal meaning to Harrison himself. The cuff of the glove is imprinted with the K18 pattern and features a turtle logo, Harrison’s personal good luck symbol, on the thumb.

“With STX and the LXM PRO, I’ve been lucky enough to work with players of all skills and ages at lacrosse camps around the country,” said Harrison. “The design and development for the K18 equipment and apparel were inspired by my experiences coaching these youth players. I wanted to create an attention-grabbing line that features some of STX’s best technology for youth athletes.”

K18 Apparel is also now available through retailers. The athletic apparel line, featuring the K18 logo, includes a hat, T-shirt, tank top, sweatpants, sports shorts and socks. Harrison’s K18 socks are imprinted with his signature and a turtle logo.

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