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STX Unveils Hofstra 2010 Padding

Posted on December 15, 2009 by

Categories: Arm Pads, Gloves, STX

STX posted the gear for Hofstra as they enter the 2010 season. The Pride will be sporting the K18 line of course which includes the arm guards, arm pads, cell defense arm pads and gloves.


The pads include three colors: White, Blue and Yellow. The Pride insignia is embroidered on each piece too.
hofstra glove


Visit STX for my visuals.

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  • Author

    i like the design but those colors remind me of how much i don’t like spallina

  • dexter

    lock it up. speellina is a saint

  • RoleModel

    Love the new direction that pads are moving in aesthetically. Gone are the days where there are trashy patterns and complicated schemes with stupid tribal or other BS on them. These things are really clean and simple and to me look much more futuristic than anything put out last year.

  • frank

    uhh these gloves are sick and i want to get these because hofstra is amazing at lax