• lee southren

    i am a huge Adrena guy..not feeling this collaboration…

  • golden noug

    Awful…can’t wait for this dumb fad to go away 4 eva

  • c squared

    SO SICK!

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Right now, Adrenaline socks seem to be a trend rather than just a fad.

  • AdrenaMovement

    HAHA, these turned out to be some wild socks for sure. Keep the comments coming!

  • NY laxer

    these are sick, would like to see some more collaborations from adrenaline

  • fortin

    where can i buy a pair?

  • Sgtubberducky

    These are absolutely amazing. Keep ’em quackin’ Adrenaline!

  • Lacrosse Playground


    they are promotional items that will be available for free at the Universal Lacrosse tent with the purchase of $100 worth of STX gear. hopfeully, they’ll become more than a promotional item.

  • Jeremy

    Those are sick!!

  • golden noug

    I was referring to Rip the Duck..

  • mren

    where can i find the Universal Lacrosse tent? i want a pair of these

  • tdolz

    where can you buy them this?

  • Cleveland Mccarty

    where can i get a pair!?!