For this episode Stylin Strings GOES CAMO. 4 sticks with same theme in different color schemes. The Dye Lab Stick displayed first is an STX Xcalibur in an SS Custom Maroon, Old Gold & White with #14 worked into the top. The Desert Camo & an Urban Camo sticks are on Harrow Crossbow’s. You can choose any three colors a few ways, one is variations of the same color, with white or without, or colors you know will cover others without mudding or changing from light to dark.

The custom goalie head was for Don Cullings of Baltimore Maryland. He came in the store looking to get a custom STX Eclipse for his daughter who played for the traveling Looney’s Lacrosse team. He outlined the concept for a camo stick in white, gold, & navy with Looney’s written on top in green to match the club colors.

Dustin then went to work figuring out how to get these colors to overlay each other and not mud out. He came to the conclusion that the entire top of the stick needed to be masked out with just Looney’s dyed green first. Then he could start laying custom rounded shapes to start his camo patterns. While planning he made some of the actual looneys 4 leaf clovers to incorporate into the camo design. After the stick was randomly stickered white it was dyed gold. Finally it was dyed navy and peeled to reveal the first SS stab at a camo custom.

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